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5 Elements for effective SEO in 2015

SEO SEO is a very large topic and does have a lot to entail but if you remember the simple rule of content is king you will always win! Great content can be shared across many different platforms and if you have a strongly optimised website with a good webdesign you can start to convert […]

Plan A Link - Infographic

10 tips for your social media strategy

SEO & Social Media SEO & Social Media being so closely linked (More shares on social media the better ranking from this single factor) You cannot afford to not read this infographic. This infographic was created by Salesforce in the aim to assist small businesses with their social media strategy but it will also have […]

SEO Audit Tools

SEO is such a trivial task with many different aspects involved and sometimes it can become quite confusing. The way to overcome this is to find out exactly how your on page SEO is working and if you could improve certain aspects of your website so that it naturally produces a better rank. The way […]

Plan A Link - 6 SEO Tips to get you started

6 SEO tips to get you started

6 SEO tips to get you started. Now SEO is a major topic but we are trying give you the basic things for you to consider so you can attempt to do it on your website or have your web designer to complete for you. Speed – Google ranks speed quite heavily so you need […]

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6 Tips to get ideas for blog posts

So you have your website built by your web designer, but how do you get more traffic & customers? 6 tips to get ideas for blog posts When it comes to writing content for blogs it all depends on your niche or market, If you are writing blog posts for profit as in for a […]

6 tips on how to attract more visitors to your blog or website

So you have your website build by your web designer, but how do you get more traffic & customers? Social Media This has to be the fastest way to get traffic to your website. Advertise on social media to let people know your content is now online for them to see! – Notice I said […]

Plan A Link - Questions to ask your web designer

Questions to ask a web designer before you hire them?

If you have decided to let a web designer or web design company to create your website, then you need to make sure that you are finding the right person to do this work. You are going to be looking for people that can work with your niche and bring your business to life online. […]

Plan A Link - Chapter 2 Preparation And Registration

Starting a Business Part 2: Preparation & Registration

Starting An Online Business & Marketing Online: Chapter 2 Preparation & Registration Now you have your idea and you have researched your market and competitors, you need to prepare for starting your venture. You need to start considering your business model, this is the time you will have sleepless nights. Trust me, from personal experience […]

Plan A Link - Starting An Online Business - Chapter 1 - Research and develop your idea

Starting a Business Part 1: Research & Develop your idea

Starting An Online Business & Marketing Online: Chapter 1 Research & Develop your idea I am writing an e-book to help people answer questions on how to start a business online and how to promote and market the business. This will be available for free to download once I have finished writing the content but […]

Plan A Link - Should I Redesign My Website

Should I Redesign My Website?

When considering getting your website redesigned for your business you need to consider a few factors before you make the plunge or if you are holding back your redesign these tips should help you out. Traffic The most important factor to consider is how much traffic does your website bring at the moment? If you […]