Starting a Business Part 5: Business Systems & Management

Starting An Online Business & Marketing Online: Chapter 5 Business Systems & Management In this chapter you will learn about the basics of business systems and you will gain an understanding on why you need them and the importance of management. What is Business Systems? Business systems are the steps you need to take in […]

Starting a Business Part 4: First Client

Starting An Online Business & Marketing Online: Chapter 4 First Client In this chapter you will learn how to get your first client, as well as how to learn from that experience to expand your business into areas you may have not even thought of. Learn from your first client You will always remember your […]

Plan A Link - Infographic

SEO Kent – Google Panda Update

If you are a SEO marketer you need to know about the changes that are occurring around you and always need to stay up to date with the latest algorithm changes. Because if you don’t then your website could go from millions of website views a day to hundreds just because of an update. Staying […]

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Twitter Roadmap to getting more Retweets, Favourites and Clicks on Twitter

Here we have an info graphic specifically on the topic of twitter to help you get a better interaction with your social media followers. We have written a few articles in regards to getting followers but less about how to interact with these followers and how to make your content more visible on social media. […]

Top 3 e-commerce platforms used by Plan A Link

If you have been hiding under a rock and you don’t know what e-commerce is well it’s the act of selling products online (electronic commerce), and web developers have some special open source tools that we can use to create the perfect system for each individual client needs. I have listed these in order of […]

Starting a Business Part 3: Power Team and Mentors

Starting a Business Part 3: Power Team and Mentors

Starting An Online Business & Marketing Online: Chapter 3 Power team & mentors In this chapter I would like to explain the importance of having a strong team and a mentor in any business you run or even for your personal life. An outside perspective can stop you from making big mistakes. A strong team […]

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The Biggest SEO Checklist EVER

SEO Checklist Today we have a very exciting infographic, it’s on the topic of SEO and its a check-list to ensure that you do everything possible to gain Google ranking and gain traffic with social media.There is a lot of information on this infographic so we suggest that you bookmark this page so you can […]

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What is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive Website Design 25% of the internet users only access the internet through mobile, are you missing out on 25% of traffic that you could be generating you extra sales each month just because your website is not optimised for different screen sizes? Have you ever been on a website on your mobile and found […]

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5 Problems thats stopping you converting visitors

Converting Visitors We have posted a lot of infographics about social media & SEO recently but not provided anything to help you convert the extra visitors you are going to be receiving into paying customers. This infographics is very effective telling you the basics that most internet marketers are using to get sales and how […]

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30 Effective Social Media Tactics

SEO & Social Media Your market is out their waiting to be contacted by you, so how do you get in front of them and make them pick you? Harnessing the power of social media can drive traffic to your website, increase your Google ranking and generate leads A healthy social media account is more […]