5 Problems thats stopping you converting visitors

Converting Visitors

We have posted a lot of infographics about social media & SEO recently but not provided anything to help you convert the extra visitors you are going to be receiving into paying customers.This infographics is very effective telling you the basics that most internet marketers are using to get sales and how most people trying to imitate these tactics are failing because they are making these common mistakes. Tactics spoken about in this infographics are:
  • Using Social Media Logins – Your website visitors don’t want to waste their time on your website, include a social media logon option to improve the speed at which they can sign up.
  • Call to Actions – Buttons you push customers to click to take action
  • Email Marketing – Build a List of emails, Build a relationship with that list, sell to that list
  • Improved Loading times – the faster your website loads the more visitors you will keep on your website, do you remember the last time you went to a website and it took a while to load? you just left and went back to google
  • Ratings & Reviews – What have other people said about this product? is it even any good?
If you do not have the time or skills to do marketing, then contact us we are more than willing to help you or even teach you the tacticsPlan A Link - 5 Problems thats stopping you converting visitors - SEO Medway / KentCredit: Formstack

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