SEO Kent – Google Panda Update

If you are a SEO marketer you need to know about the changes that are occurring around you and always need to stay up to date with the latest algorithm changes. Because if you don’t then your website could go from millions of website views a day to hundreds just because of an update. Staying up-to-date is helping future proof your business.

SEO Tips

These tips are designed to help you not be affected by the update and to ensure that you are doing all the correct and ethical tasks to achieve your Google rankings. If you need assistance with your SEO Marketing Plan, then feel free to contact us today.

These tips was created for you by:Clixlogix. Plan A Link - Web Design Kent - Google Panda SEO Guide


Gary - August 22, 2018 / Reply

Useful information thanks, you need to do an update for the latest Google update

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