Top 3 e-commerce platforms used by Plan A Link

If you have been hiding under a rock and you don’t know what e-commerce is well it’s the act of selling products online (electronic commerce), and web developers have some special open source tools that we can use to create the perfect system for each individual client needs.

I have listed these in order of favourite explaining the features that plan a link enjoys the most about each piece of software

Woo commerce – free with additional plugins for specialist functionality

Plan A Link - WooCommerce for WordPress - E-commerce solution

Woo commerce is the perfect solution for small businesses that list a few products but also have the requirements of a fully functioning website. What I mean by this is that woo commerce is a plugin for WordPress, this means all the functionality you have with WordPress you can keep and just have woo commerce integrated with your website and template. Currently we are building a website with woo commerce because of the additional plugin support is fantastic there is an add on with really good reviews that plugins into woo commerce to connect a eBay shop and a website shop with ease. It works similar to turbolister for eBay but on your WordPress website meaning you can link your selling platforms and reduce the amount of set up time when selling. Check Woo Commerce out here

ekmPowershop – online (paid)

Plan A Link - EKM Powershop Logo - E-commerce solution

The other recommendations are free but they are very hard and confusing to set-up yourself, so if you are looking to do everything on a budget and want a very simple system then ekmPowershop works very well it’s in the region of £24 a month and allows you to sell your products online with great support and integration from many payment gateways and eBay. We also have a special deal with ekmPowershop where you get the first month for £1: Click Here.

Magneto – Free with additional plugins for specialist functionality

Plan A Link - Magento Logo - E-commerce solution

Magneto is a great solution for websites that are looking solely to sell and want to list a lot of products. We do not use it often at plan a link as we prefer e-commerce solutions as we described above but we have worked with is e-commerce websites and it’s seems to be a very competent system with some great functionality.

Others aware of that we have tested but not done work within:
  • Oscommerce
  • Shopify
  • Zendesk

All three can be created by yourself and there is guides on YouTube and the Internet available to help you, or if you prefer you can have us create & design your perfect e-commerce store.

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